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All you need is the Driver Licence Number, Province, and Date of Birth.
Enter the info or upload your spreadsheet.
Enter the current the licence Class at the same time to be sure it hasn’t been downgraded.
Two additional, optional fields are provided for tracking and reference.

*Electronic or written driver consent may be required.


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View your results immediately - online or by email.
Issues are highlighted in Red for easy, quick viewing. Results available for 3 years.

Making it even easier...

CUSTOM CONFIGURATION: Multiple Users and locations or just a single User - manage and monitor transaction use with ease.
AUTOMATION: Implement license verification into existing programs or applications using our simple API interface to reduce administration time. Don’t miss a check using the automated email reminders!

Making it even easier...

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Immediate Tangible Benefits

Reducing your
exposure to risk

  • Suspended drivers are many times more likely to be involved in accidents.
  • They impact you bottom line by inflating vehicle repair and replacement costs, liability and
    legal fees, worker’s compensation and insurance premiums.
  • Vicarious liability lawsuits have found companies responsible for their employees’ actions - for millions in damages or even criminal prosecution.

Reducing your
administrative overhead

  • Requesting driver’s abstracts is an expensive, labour-intensive hassle.
  • Integrating DLV into payroll allows you to automatically check licence status bi-weekly for less than the cost of requesting abstracts quarterly.
  • The more often you check drivers’ licence status, the better protected you are.

Protecting you against
business interruption

  • Flagging high-risk drivers protects your assets and revenue stream.
  • Accidents and impounded vehicles mean late deliveries, broken contracts, angry customers and lost business.

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